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30. August, 2023 7 minute read

We'll show you what autocomplete marketing is, how it works, and the benefits you'll get compared to traditional search engine marketing.

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Search engine marketing today

Search engine marketing is an essential part of many companies' advertising strategy these days. To be visible in search results, many marketers rely on paid ads (SEA) and good organic rankings (SEO), trying to place their websites and products as optimally as possible. But autocomplete marketing offers an alternative way to attract the attention of potential customers and cleverly position your own company.

What exactly is autocomplete marketing?

Autocomplete marketing refers to the presence of your brand in the autocomplete function of search engines. When a user enters a search term into a search engine, auto-complete suggestions are often made to the user. Autocomplete marketing uses this mechanism to place your brand or company as a suggestion in the autocomplete function. By adding your website or company to the autocompletions, you can receive quality traffic from search engines, attract new customers, and effectively position your brand.

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Advantages of autocomplete marketing

Brand positioning
Autocomplete marketing allows you to position your brand effectively. By appearing in the auto-complete function, your brand is perceived as a recommendation and increases the branding effect. Potential customers consciously perceive your brand and associate it with consistency and acceptance in the market.

High quality visitors
The visitors who come to your website via autocomplete marketing are high quality. They have actively searched for something you offer. This increases the likelihood that these visitors will convert to leads for your sales team and even make a purchase.

Reaching AdBlock users
About 30% of your target audience uses AdBlockers, which limits the reach of traditional advertising. With autocomplete marketing, you'll reach this valuable audience as well. Since autocompletes act as referrals, your suggestions will be noticed by users and increase the branding effect.

Cost savings
The average acquisition cost of autocomplete marketing is about 70% lower than paid search ads. By targeting your brand in AutoComplete, you get high-quality visitors at a lower price.

Differentiation from the competition
Competition is often high in online marketing, as many companies use the same marketing channels. Autocomplete marketing offers you an alternative and innovative way to stand out from the competition and reach new customers.

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For which companies is autocomplete marketing perfect?

In general, campaigns in B2B or high-priced B2C are very successful. So if you earn a lot from an additional customer and the decision making for your product or service is complex, autocomplete marketing is probably perfect for you.

Autocomplete marketing can be used to good profit in very many industries. Here are a few examples that work particularly well because they face tremendous competition in search engine marketing: Software companies, IT consultancies, financial services, law firms, brokers and real estate service providers, insurance brokers, specialty travel, coaching and training, high-end consumer products, phone and Internet providers, everything automotive, dentists, innovative physical products, staffing services, boutique consulting firms, agencies, and other business services.

Of course, there are many exceptions outside of these industries, but this is a good overview of what generally works well.

So, if you belong to any of these industries, autocomplete marketing is definitely worth a look!

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And what does autocomplete marketing cost at Dewave?

We offer flexible pricing options where ongoing costs are only incurred if your suggestion is actually displayed in autocomplete.

In general, we charge a monthly price per keyword that is booked, whereby the prices are based on the monthly search volume, the click prices of the corresponding keyword and the competition. The higher the search volume, competition and click price, the higher our effort for successful implementation.

For small companies with up to 2 employees we offer special conditions, if the keywords have a low search volume.

Special to mention is that you have no minimum contract period, you can cancel at any time and the ongoing billing starts only when your suggestion is displayed in the autocomplete.

Autocomplete marketing: How it works

We create active demand

We generate natural search queries for your brand in connection with the desired keywords. This creates active demand for your brand. Imagine someone searches for "health insurance." We make sure that "marke24" shows up frequently in connection with this search term.

The quiz as a search volume generator

A quiz is our tool to generate natural search volume. Players are asked questions like, "Approximately how much does marke24 health insurance cost for a 40-year-old?" Not knowing the answer, they search for it online. This creates a search query for "krankenversicherung marke24".

Multiple users, longer period

This process repeats itself with different users over a longer period of time. The more users search for the keyword you want in conjunction with your brand, the more likely the search engine will link.

Waiting period and permanent placement

Placing your brand as a suggestion in autocomplete usually takes three to eight weeks. To keep it permanent, we continue to generate search queries for the desired term.

Authentic recommendation for your business

Autocomplete marketing is no ordinary ad space. If your brand is suggested as you type, that's a real, authentic recommendation for your business.

Behind the scenes

We use proprietary software to drive the quiz and participant selection. We draw on statistical assumptions and Recurrent Neural Networks used in search engines for suggestions.

Real search behavior, real interest

Each search query is genuine and stems from a real need for information. We do not give any specifications or offer anyone money for specific searches. Participants freely decide what they want to search for.

AutoComplete: A predictable option

It is quite normal for companies to appear in the auto-complete function. Autocomplete marketing allows you to take advantage of this effect in a targeted way. It can be planned and is cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising.

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