About Dewave  Technology makes your life easier.

Our mission: We are passionate about developing innovative digital solutions. For you. So that you have more time to devote to your passions.

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Remo Girard

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Gilles Rusca

  • Our passion, your freedom
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  • Tech nerds and creative minds
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  • Entrepreneurs with love for technology
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  • Crafting Digital Experiences
  • Develop with passion
  • Trust and respect

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Tandin Tshewang


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Our Values

  • Trust & Respect

    Our cooperation is based on mutual trust and respect.

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  • Passion

    We firmly believe that fun and passion in and for our work are the keys to true creativity and innovation.

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  • Entrepreneurial

    While having fun, we are always aware of our corporate responsibility as an employer and partner, and we give it the highest priority.

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  • Creative & Innovative

    Wherever the edge of our nose seems too close, we try to look beyond it, so that you and your customers can benefit from creative and interesting solutions.

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  • Bold

    Breaking new ground requires courage. But at the beginning of every innovation was a courageous decision. We're happy to be brave, if you'll let us!

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  • Responsibility

    Sustainability and social responsibility are the foundation of our company.

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    This is us

    Segel Team auf einer Yacht

    We are experts in the design and development of digital products. Our solutions do not fit into any box.

    We are driven by a passion for technology and digitalization. We share our knowledge to make the life of you and your customers easier and more efficient. We think and act creatively, but economically and are therefore your partner for all digital challenges.

    Seekarte mit Sextant, Kompass und Fernrohr

    Your destination is our destination. We set the sails and stay on course. Conditions on the high seas of the global economy change quickly. But we gladly accept the challenge of always being flexible and agile. Together with his crew, our captain Remo navigates through any storm. We start a maneuver and adjust the course again and again with the help of your feedback. Teamwork, dialogue and open communication is the key. The permanent view of the open sea gives us the opportunity to navigate with foresight. 

    Dewave was founded in Zug in 2021. We are a manageable team and work independently of location. Open communication, respect and trust are at the core of our philosophy. Our broad spectrum of clientele includes larger companies, SMEs, start-ups and agencies from a wide range of industries.

    Would you like to set sail with us?

    We look forward to hearing from you.


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    We are committed to protecting the oceans, their marine life and their habitats. This commitment is important to us. Learn more about Sea Shepherd and 4Ocean and help.

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