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Increase your ROI with our customized marketing automation. Your journey to efficiency starts here.

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Marketing and Sales Automation: stay on course with us

In the fast pace of the digital world, it can be difficult to always stay on track. That's where our marketing automation services come in. We help you automate your marketing and sales process and put your business on autopilot.

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Set sail and navigate the automation sea with us as a reliable partner at your side. Whether you're new to marketing and sales automation or want to optimize your existing system, our expert crew is ready to show you the way.

Advantages of marketing automation

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Save time and resources

By automating repetitive tasks, we enable your team to focus on creative and strategic initiatives.
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Better qualify and nurture leads

The automated processes help you target the right customers at the right time and effectively guide them through the sales funnel.
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Achieve measurable results

With accurate tracking and reporting tools, you get clear insights into the performance of your campaigns and can constantly optimize them.
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Increase customer satisfaction

Through personalized communication at the right time, we improve the relationship with your customers and increase customer loyalty.

Weigh anchor!

Head full speed ahead into the world of marketing automation.

Our Marketing Automation Services

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Strategy & Concept

We develop a suitable strategy for your company.

  • Location determination
  • Target group and competition analysis
  • Define goals
  • Channel Strategy
  • Resource and success planning (business case)
  • Create roadmap
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Technology & Implementation

We select and implement the appropriate systems together.

  • Define requirement based on use cases
  • Evaluation of the appropriate systems
  • Migration and integration
  • Privacy and security
  • Support
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Automation & Training

We design, support automations and help you realize the full potential of the technology used. Creation and support of:

  • Marketing automations
  • Sales automations
  • Service automations
  • Campaign analysis and reporting
  • Continuing education and trainings
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Marketing Automation: Strategy, Implementation & More

Our service process in the area of marketing and sales automation begins with an individually developed strategy. We analyze the current situation, goals and resources to create a concrete roadmap for your marketing and sales automation.

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After a comprehensive technology evaluation or review of your existing systems, we ensure that the chosen system is seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure, taking into account data protection and security aspects. Finally, we develop and maintain customized automations. In addition, we provide ongoing analysis, reporting and training to help you realize the full potential of the technology.

Automate your success!