Yacht Industry  Empowering the Yacht Industry in the Digital Era

At Dewave we believe in harnessing the power of digital transformation to elevate the yacht industry's customer experience and operational efficiency. We're passionate about sailing the intersection of yachting and state-of-the-art technology.

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The yachting world is both glamorous and complex. Marketing and selling these vessels comes with its own set of challenges, especially considering their complex design and the discerning clientele.

While events like boat shows remain popular, the industry has been slow to embrace modern digital practices in marketing, sales, and customer service. This presents a dual challenge: honoring time-tested methods while adapting to the new digital landscape.

Challenges in Yachting Industry

Global Market Dynamics

Yachts, notable for their high-cost, cater to a unique, affluent customer segment worldwide. It's imperative for businesses to craft strategies that effectively communicate with and captivate this international audience.

Intricate Offerings

Yachts are characterized by their multifaceted features and options. This intricate design not only complicates marketing and sales but also amplifies the need for in-depth, tailored customer support throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Digital Customer Lifecycle Management

From digital research to traditional boat shows and sea-trials, the yacht sales journey is vast, long and does not end with the sale. As digital prominence rises, blending it with age-old methods without losing essence becomes a significant challenge, especially for retention and referrals.

Global Service Excellence

Servicing a clientele that spans time zones and speaks a myriad of languages brings its own set of challenges. In the yachting domain, businesses are tasked with being responsive, knowledgeable, and adept at resolving concerns, ensuring they meet the high standards expected by their customers.

Our Approach

Dewave excels in providing digital solutions tailored for the yacht industry. To tackle industry challenges, we merge traditional methods with cutting-edge marketing approaches. Additionally, we harness the power of digital tools to maintain strong ties with the clients.

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Tailored Solutions

Understanding that the yacht industry presents intricate offerings, our digital services are custom-tailored for the specific nuances of the sector. Whether it's a website that showcases a yacht's myriad of features or an app that complements traditional boat shows, we leverage the latest technologies to offer solutions that align with the complexities the yacht business demands.

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Automation Excellence

Addressing the lengthy sales journey in the yacht industry, from initial research to post-purchase, our marketing automation ensures consistent engagement. We streamline the end-to-end customer journey, harnessing efficiency in an industry known for its extensive sales cycles. Our automation solutions seamlessly blend traditional events with digital touchpoints, ensuring both retention and the cultivation of new customers. Besides that, we're always keeping track of dealers sales activities and follow-up leads.

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Targeted Visibility

In a global market, where standing out is paramount, we elevate your yacht business's digital presence. Considering the challenge of catering to an affluent demographic in a bustling digital landscape, our search engine marketing strategies are precision-tuned. We ensure your offerings don't just achieve visibility but resonate distinctly amidst a sea of competitors.

Transform your yachting business with customized solutions.