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Let's work together to develop your custom SEA campaign to take your industry by storm and realize the full potential of search engine marketing.

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How does the SEA of Dewave help you?

Today it is more important than ever to be at the forefront. Especially in the positioning of your brand in search engines. The oversupply of providers offering similar services means that your digital visibility becomes your top priority. So it's worth investing in paid search marketing to keep your brand at the forefront.

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Our experts will develop the right search engine advertising strategy for you. We smartly direct relevant visitors to your website, and through optimized landing pages, we turn pure visitors into leads and sales. Our years of experience with Google and Bing search campaigns and our deep technical understanding make us adept SEA strategists and let us develop effective campaigns for you that exceed your targets.

Our SEA increases your...

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Your brand appears as the first search result - the pole position
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Brand awareness

Your visibility in search engines increases the awareness of your brand
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Your cost and performance control is increased by direct target group addressing
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Traffic and leads

Your website traffic and generated leads skyrocket

One click from you - thousands of clicks for you.

Diese SEA Services bekommst du von uns:

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Analysis & Strategy

Our in-depth analyses lead to clever strategies!

  • Industry analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Search intentions and target group definition
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We turn smart strategies into effective campaigns!

  • Campaign set-up
  • Creation of ads
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Setup of tracking and dashboards
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Monitoring & SLA

We optimize your campaigns through monitoring and SLAs!

  • Ongoing optimizations
  • Regular reporting
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion rate analysis
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How our SEA service works

We analyze your competition to better position your brand in your industry. We find out which people are searching for your service and what their search intentions are based on the central keywords. In other words - we find your target group and their intentions to make your brand visible and attractive to them. This is our basis for your SEA campaign.

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This basis allows us to build a clean campaign structure. By linking our target group segmentation with the architecture of your campaign, we enable you to specifically influence the various behavioral clusters. This way, we ensure that your quality score and ad relevance are directly transferred to your AdRank at the lowest possible cost per click

With this approach it is possible for us - depending on your objectives - to focus on awareness and traffic or lead capture and conversion.

Our search engine advertising process

We take care of the traffic for these projects

Snatch the pole position