Salesforce Service Cloud  Your key to efficient support!

Increase customer satisfaction with support requests and resolve them more efficiently by using intelligent case handling and centralized knowledge management.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Our experienced team helps you build efficient aftersales support with Salesforce Service Cloud. With a 360° view of support cases, automated case assignment and collaborative issue management, you'll increase customer satisfaction and efficiency. With native connectivity to Salesforce Sales Cloud, you'll benefit from seamless information sharing. We seamlessly integrate the Service Cloud into your existing IT landscape, with hosting and scaling handled by Salesforce. Our solution is tailored and worry-free.

Salesforce Service Cloud advantages

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Increase your customer satisfaction

With Salesforce tools, you can efficiently resolve your customers' support requests in a goal-oriented manner.
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Intelligent case management

Use Salesforce Einstein for Service (AI) to autonomously process or intelligently route requests to the right team.
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Solve cases collaboratively

Create support teams that can collaborate and solve cases together, with the expertise in your organization, supported by the Knowledge Hub.
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360° view of the customer

Get all the information about your customer, including past conversations or support request, customer status, purchased products and much more.

Increase customer satisfaction with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Our Service Cloud services

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Analysis & conception

We get to know your company and create the target architecture.

  • Analysis of support processes
  • Identification of support teams
  • Analysis of strengths & weaknesses
  • Analysis of existing system architecture
  • Solution design
  • Create authorization and visibility concept
  • Model support processes
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Various tools from Salesforce, including no/low code solutions, are used for the implementation.

  • Adapt data model
  • Create user and role hierarchy
  • Configure permissions and visibility
  • Configure support processes
  • Configure automated case routing
  • Configure Salesforce Einstein for Service
  • Test the customizations
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Migration & Support

The right tool selection for data migration is critical for a successful go-live.

  • Data migration
  • Build knowledge hub
  • System training
  • Go-live support
  • Further development
  • Optimize processes
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Proven approach

With 30 years of expertise in sales, sales force automation, CRM and marketing, we rely on proven methods to develop customized solutions. Our systematic process for implementing Salesforce Service Cloud includes an initial comprehensive consultation, followed by a thorough setup and customization. This structured approach allows us to effectively meet your specific needs, whether you run a small business with 5 employees or a large enterprise with over 20,000 employees. Our extensive integration expertise ensures a seamless integration of Salesforce Serivce Cloud into your existing IT infrastructure.


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