Body Leasing Switzerland  Your key to world-class IT resources

With Swiss precision, we connect you globally with IT talent through our body leasing service.

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Swiss Body Leasing: Global IT expertise, locally secured

With our body leasing service, we open the doors to first-class IT experts from Switzerland (on-shore), Central and Eastern Europe (near-shore), Bhutan and Nicaragua (off-shore). This way, you can access qualified professionals without having to deal with the costs and difficulties of hiring them directly.

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As we are a Swiss company, we value local standards and therefore offer contracts according to Swiss law as well as support in German language. Our main goal is to provide you with smooth access to the best IT talent. In doing so, we always ensure the flexibility and cost efficiency of the body leasing model, with your business always in the forefront.

Advantages of Body Leasing

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Body Leasing enables dynamic adjustment of IT staff to current project needs, without long-term commitments.
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Cost efficiency

Body leasing can save you money that would otherwise be spent on recruiting, training, and providing infrastructure for full-time employees.
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Specialized expertise

Through Body Leasing, you gain access to a pool of IT specialists who can fill internal skills gaps.
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Time Saving & Focus

By outsourcing the recruitment process, you can save valuable time and focus on their core business.

Expand your crew with top-notch IT experts!

Our Sales Cloud services

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Analysis & conception

We get to know your company and create the target architecture.

  • Analysis of business processes
  • Identification of target groups
  • Analysis of strengths & weaknesses
  • Analysis of existing system architecture
  • Solution design
  • Create permission and visibility concept
  • Business process modeling
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Various tools from Salesforce, including no/low code solutions, are used for implementation.

  • Customize data model
  • Create user and role hierarchy
  • Configure permissions and visibility
  • Configure business processes
  • Implement automations
  • Test the customizations
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Migration & Support

The right tool selection for data migration is critical for a successful go-live.

  • Data migration
  • Test integrations
  • Go-Live Support
  • Further development
  • Optimize processes
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Our body leasing locations

Thanks to our established partner network in Central and Eastern Europe, complemented by our locations in Switzerland, Belgrade and Bhutan, we cover on-shore, near-shore and off-shore requirements alike. Wherever your IT requirements lie, we have the experts on the ground.

Recruitment process

Happy Customer

Within just 3 weeks, the team at Dewave assembled a full team of 4 very competent developers (React Native and Java backend developers). This allowed us to meet our tight timeline. During the whole time the team of Dewave accompanied us. Top service!

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Cédric LangerManager MaaS at AMAG Innovation & Venture Lab

Let's take the helm together!

Answers to your body leasing questions: