Salesforce Release Manager  Elevate Efficiency for Your Salesforce Platform

Streamline your platform's release process with Salesforce Release Manager – a powerful and flexible tool for increasing efficiency.

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Introducing the Salesforce Release Manager Package: Your Solution for Simplified Development and Release

This highly customizable package provides a framework to significantly reduce manual steps during the development and release process of a feature or project. Create an Apex class, implement our interface, and execute the desired logic.

Make sure to write Apex tests and verify the release step in a Scratch Org or a Sandbox. Test our Manager class using "sfdx force:apex:execute" or the "Execute in Anonymous Window" (recommended as part of your deployment pipeline).

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Our package will identify specific release steps for your Org that haven't been executed and run only those. Create conditional tasks tailored to specific environments.

Utilize the "Release Manager Log" object to see which tasks were run, skipped or failed. Comprehensive logs are available for your review.

Your workflow is about to become significantly more efficient with our tools. Whether automating tasks or streamlining processes, Salesforce Release Manager is here to help.

Advantages of the Release Manager

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Save time

Revolutionize your release management and experience a new level of effortless efficiency with our powerful solution.
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Keep orgs in Sync

Simply refresh your code and run the Release Manager, and your Org will be up to date, with all the steps executed.
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Increased Reliability

Increase reliability through automation and regression testing on each Org, to reduce the risk of errors on production.
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Increase Quality

Write Apex tests to verify the behavior and result of your release steps.

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