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Learn more about our work with EKB and how we designed a performant website with improved UX design and modern technologies.

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Our role

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More than just a facelift: a unique website for a perfect customer experience.

For our client, EKB GmbH, we developed a new, powerful website. By using modern technologies and focusing strictly on SEO, a new customer acquisition channel was created. The improved UX design is at the heart of this project, encouraging user interactions and making EKB distinctive in its market.

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Mastering complexity, staying within budget

Developing the website for EKB was not an easy road. We were faced with some challenging tasks, which we managed to overcome successfully. These included implementing complex hotspot components that had to work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we had a fixed and rather tight budget that required careful cost management. Despite these financial constraints, we implemented the project in a timely manner and won a new happy customer.

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Simplicity and performance

To meet EKB's requirements, Dewave focused on simplicity and clarity in design. With multifunctional design elements, the site achieves a strong, unified aesthetic. We also use modern technologies to ensure the highest performance.

We use Storyblok as a headless CMS for content management. This gives us the flexibility to efficiently manage extensive and engaging content. Lastly, we search engine optimized the website according to W3C standards to give EKB an optimal online presence. Together, these factors have produced a user-friendly and powerful website.

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    About the customer

    EKB GmbH

    EKB Security Systems GmbH is a traditional family-owned security systems company with years of experience. Since its foundation in 1997, the company has specialized in electronic intrusion protection. In the meantime, the company has installed more than 4,000 security systems throughout Switzerland, which it continues to service and maintain to this day.

    The service from Dewave is great! Highly recommended for anyone who needs a new website or wants to optimize their SEO strategy. Thank you very much!

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