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Der Segellehrer im Taschenformat für alte Seebären und jene, die es noch werden wollen.

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Our role

  • Business concept & product strategy
  • UX & Design
  • Platform development
  • Content
  • Marketing

The sailing instructor in pocket format

SailClass is an online platform for sailors that offers a range of features and services designed to enhance their learning, knowledge, and community engagement. The platform also provides useful tools and resources to support sailing schools and clubs in their daily operations.

Throughout the development of the web app, our primary focus was on delivering a seamless user experience, an intelligent learning methodology, and personalized sailing profiles for each user. Our goal was to create an app that could accompany sailors throughout their sailing journeys.

To achieve this, we incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically tailor learning content to each user's progress and needs. Additionally, the platform allows sailors to share their experiences, plan sailing trips, and even charter or purchase yachts.

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Affordable and scalable

As a digital agency, we faced several challenges during the project. One of the most significant challenges was the limited resources available for the implementation. Despite this, it was crucial to launch the project in a short manner.

To tackle this challenge, we opted for modern and scalable technologies that could be quickly implemented. The straightforward and adaptable architecture enables us to add more features in the future.

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Modern headless cloud architecture

Due to our meticulous technology selection, adaptable architecture, and skilled team, we were able to launch the MVP (minimum viable product) within a few weeks. Our platform is a Progressive Web App (PWA) built on React and Next.js frameworks. The backend is powered by Supabase, a modern and scalable cloud database. Unlike Google Firebase, Supabase is based on Postgres and allows us to easily adjust the data model to meet future growth requirements. Additionally, Supabase provides seamless integration with modern Javascript applications, like ours.

We utilize Storyblok as our modern headless CMS for content management, and Stripe for managing subscriptions and processing payments.

For user management and authentication, we have opted for Zitadel, which is a cost-effective alternative to Auth0. Zitadel also allows for central connection of various applications. As such, we integrated Discourse as a forum directly linked to Zitadel, to provide a seamless user experience.

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    About the Customer


    SailClass is an innovative spin-off of Dewave. The nucleus of this project lies in the personal experience of Remo, who obtained his sailing license a few years ago. During this process, he noticed that while the range of online platforms for sailing enthusiasts is wide, most of them are outdated in terms of usability and technology.

    Furthermore, these platforms are primarily designed to prepare candidates for the sailing license exams rather than to provide a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of sailing. This realization inspired Remo to develop a new concept for a glider platform.

    Our goal with SailClass is to develop an intuitively usable platform that combines extensive sailing knowledge and everyday tools to meet the demands of modern sailors.

    Thanks to our professional and competent team, we were able to launch SailClass within a few weeks and quickly attract our first users.

    Remo Girard
    Remo GirardFounder of SailClass
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